Borders & Boundaries | Kisses That Hide


Artist: Robert Bradford
Year: 2024
Dimensions: H 130 x W 120 x D 5 cm
Material: Acrylic on Canvas


I’m not really a history of art person, I’ve always been in the here and now although I do have favourites that come from the past. I am aware that I do owe some debt of gratitude to Abstract Expressionists, Pop Artists and Arte Povera as they resonate somewhere with me. So I have some sense of the past, but more so the near past. As my practice has developed over the years, I guess abstraction has become my spiritual home. I’m aiming towards a very pure painterly painting, where nothing much is referenced from the external world. The work consists of the application of the paint, it’s not about much else. I guess in a way I am dismantling a hierarchy of taste and value, I’m not prioritising any one thing over another. I always had a feeling that somehow painting could be more democratic. Paradox would be a good way to describe my practice, it does two different things, in one direction I’m throwing away and undermining values but in the other direction, I’m doing that so the painting can be more so than some of its parts.