Rag Series No.9


Artist: Robert Bradford
Year: 2024
Dimensions: H 60 x W 40 x D 5 cm
Materials: Acrylic Resin on Canvas


Taken to its logical conclusion the descent from high to low Western Culture begins with the ancient Greek Masters, rushes through the Renaissance, skims Cubism and Pop on the way down, to pass right through Arte Povera and end in a muddy heap of soiled rags on the floor of Art History’s vast studio. Problematic and gross omissions of gender and race aside this simplistic timeline of painting in the West is useful only to identify, with tongue firmly in cheek, the point at which Robert Bradford picks up the mantle with his latest Paint Rag Series. What the Paint Rag Series does is zoom in to the bottom of art history’s dark ocean floor, only to find that even here there is mystery, colour and creative redemption in the sheer active joy of art and art-making.