robert bradford

I’m not a history of art person; my focus is on the present, though I do have favorites from the past. I am aware that I do owe some debt of gratitude to Abstract Expressionists, Pop Artists and Arte Povera as they resonate somewhere with me. Abstraction has become my spiritual home, I’m aiming towards a very pure painterly painting, where nothing much is referenced from the external world. The work consists of the application of the paint, it’s not about much else. My practice dismantles hierarchies, prioritizing the democratic nature of painting. I always had a feeling that somehow painting could be more democratic. In a paradoxical twist, I undermine values while elevating the painting to be more than its individual parts.

Rag Series No.14
Rag Series No.13
White Noise XX White Lies
Look At Me Look At You
Earthly Delights
Parental Guidance
Kisses That Hide
Art Gardening
Where Too Two
Everything, All Ways
Off Grid
Jungle A - Z
Rag Series No.10
Rag Series No.5
Rag Series No.3
Splodge & Wiggle
A Kiss in Yellow
Mucky Pup