Infinitely Interruptible | No.481


Artist: Nikki Hill-Smith
Year: 2023
Dimensions: H 152 x W 122 x D 5 cm
Materials: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


Like a familiar yet always fractured dream, offering synaptic splashes in the brooding miasma of our (sub)consciousness, Hill-Smith’s mellifluous take on both abstraction as a concept and painting as a practice is a sheer visual delight, but one that always remains intellectually charged. The viewer isn’t just captivated by her painterly fizz but is held captive by the hypotheses Hill-Smith’s paintings arrest. Those centred on the mechanics of conception and perception; the contest for comprehension and, above all else, unveiling and revelling in the simple action of painting. Hill-Smith’s work invites you on a journey, through passes and ages known and unknown – signifying and signified – offering us all the opportunity to stop and listen with our eyes to her euphonic interruption of the infinite.